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Sunday, October 13, 2002
Ludwig Van Beethoven.....\m/

Tonight, Channel 4, 10PM...watch it...you have to, otherwise nothing will ever make true sense.

Review Tommorow - Stanley Kubrick's, A Clockwork Orange

Saturday, October 12, 2002
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I Chris the Decapitated head hope you like the new Gifs that have been placed on the nav-bar, thanks to G-Darkness.com for those.
Oh, and I do hope you are all NOT watching Anaconda...as it is shit.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002
Kaede's Zombie Writing's

Iv'e joined my good friend Kaede on her website, Kaede's Zombie Writing's, which is a kind of news/information/discussion forum on all things Resident Evil, Evil Dead, and Romero! Go check it out, and we'll be making it less pink over time!

Monday, September 30, 2002
'Maybe They're...Drunk...Or Drugged!'

Or maybe they're flesh eating, repulsive zombies! The above quote is taken from the once banned 'Zombie Creeping Flesh', a film I had read a lot about on the web, and then found in its re-released uncut form in my local video shop. Are we ready, then I'll begin.

|| Zombie Creeping Flesh ||

Zombie Creeping Flesh - Supposedly shite, or misjudged?

Zombie Creeping flesh is also known as, 'Virus', 'Night Of The Zombies' and 'Hell Of The Zombies' amongst other titles. Once banned in its original form for gratuitous violence, entrail eating and the amazing 'eye' scene, ZCF was re-released in its uncut form recently in an attempt to pass through the now, more forgiving censors. Luckily for us it passed through and was completely uncut, the way it should be left!
The film centre's around a S.W.A.T. Team and some civilians who i believe were making some kind of film. The film starts at Hope, a sort of Nuclear power plant, and this is where the actions starts straight away with the 'living dead' making an appearance after literally 10 minutes!
Two power plant workers are checking the systems when one of them is attacked by a dead rat, yes a dead rat, and whilst the other worker looks on with a dropped jaw, the rat-man is mutilated by the rat and blood sprays across his breathing apparatus. Whilst this is going on the toxin levels go off the scale and gas begins to escape into the plant. What follows is a series of attacks from the recently created zombies who have fallen victim to the gas. the plant leader tells speaks into his dictaphone and declares the Hope Project a complete failure, and asks his god for forgivness at the evil they have unleashed.
Cool stuff already and its 15 minutes gone! The film switches now to a S.W.A.T. Team operation on a sieged building. It turns out that the terrorists holding the building want all Hope plants to shut down. Hmm, we wonder why.The terrorists bite the bullet when the S.W.A.T. Team burst in.

Zombie Creeping Flesh - The Mutilated Living Dead

Film switch again - this time we are in some kind of African jungle with a man and a woman, with a 'sick' child who are driving down a dirt trail. They come to a small deserted town and decide to take a look around. The place is crawling with the un-dead and they're hungry by the looks of things. The woman is looking around the town whilst the man and boy are in the jeep. As the man falls asleep the boy dies from what looks like bite wounds, and subsequently is ressurected looking relativly evil.
We now rejoin the S.W.A.T. Team again who are also in the jungle on a mission. they find the young, dead buy eating his fathers entrails and go about blasting some of the zombie population of the town, before taking off with they film makers they have also bumped into.

Zombie Creeping Flesh - Lia Gets Munched!

What follows for the next hour or so is your average zombie film, and so as not to give away the whole plot I won't tell you much more but this film is awesome. It has everything you would want in a zombie flick, blood, guts, entrail eating -the works!
some of the zombies look a bit tame compared to Romero's standards, but again, some look amazing. The film flows well despite jumping froms setting to setting rather fast at the beginning and has some truly stand out scenes.
One of my favourites was where a screaming woman has her tounges literally ripped out of her head by a zombie, who proceeds to plunge his fist into her mouth making her eyes pop out of her blood drenched head!
Despite being branded the worst zombie film ever to be made, I thought this was a classic and i don't understand these accusations, but overall I loved it and reccomened it to all of you zombie freaks out there. - 8/10

Friday, September 27, 2002
A Page NOT ForYour Fave's List

My good friend [MR.X] sent me a link before to a bizarre Japanese fetish site. now I have to stress that, for the stupid people out there, this is NOT REAL! Now your going to go here of your own accord too, so its not my fault if you vomit etc.

Now, ever wondered what the Nemesis wanks off over? Well its obviously Zombie Porn isn't it.

Interested in making your own Zombie Porn on Photoshop yourself? Then why not go and see the Art Attack of the Zombie Porn world.
Now this ain't real either so I don't want any complaints.

Thursday, September 26, 2002
I Hope This Is not Romero's Blood...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my possession, and that is no pun intended, the original George A Romero screenplay for Resident Evil The Movie!

George A Romero - Look At The Sad Rejection Face!

When they first decided to create the movie for Resident Evil, the boys and girls at Capcom decided to draft in George A Romero, director of the acclaimed '...Dead' trilogy and many other classic films such as The Crazies. Romero had already directed the television advert for the Resident Evil 2 playstation classic, which was subsequently banned due to its graphic nature, so they thought who better to get for the film than him, the creator of THE greatest zombie films ever.

The movie people had set plans for how they wanted the Resident Evil story to be portrayed on film. They wanted CGI zombies, Cerabis, and a Nemesis creation. Romero on the other hand did not want his movie to be like this. He wanted it to be more in the vien of the '...Dead' films in the way that the events would be shrouded in a little more mystery, those affected by the 'virus' would only be human, and there was to be no mutant creations or hybrids. As far as i know, he also wanted no CGI effects on his movie to portray the zombies, just good old random people eating pig entrails.
Capcom and the movie boffins were having none of it and after much build up and a full version of Romero's draft screenplay in front of the main men, it was all back to square one. Romero's script had been rejected and he was off of the project.
Capcom went it search of a new writer/director and found Event horizon director Paul Anderson who wrote them the kind of script they had wanted from the start complete with Cerabis and a Nemesis.

So though a zombie-crazed friend of mine named Kaede, whos zombie page you can find linked on the nav-bar, got her hands on the original Romero script. I personally haven't read through it completely yet, but it looks really good. Its an interesting and basically a damn cool thing to have. If you' like a copy of the draft send me an e-mail, telling me in no more than 75 words why you deserve it.
the five best entries win.

Monday, September 23, 2002
| Phantasm II |

Phantasm II - That guy is well tall isn't he!

The first Phantasm movie is a classic, theres no doubt about it. It was more of a psychological horror than a gore-fest, although it does have anice large amount of gore - just as we like it.
Phantasm II kicks off as the first movie ends with the Tall Man trying to kidnap Mikey and there plans are foiled.
Ten years on Mikey has grown up, but he meets up with his old friend Reggie and they vow to destroy the evil that has been the secret of Perigord Cemetery for ten whole years.
Much of the film is Mike and Reggie tracking down/finding/fighting/losing the Tall Man but witha hell of a lot of gore and even a gratuitous tit-shot along the way, its quite a ride.
Tooled up with a chainsaw, guns, and the awesome quad barelled shotgun they track down the Tall Man for an amazing and long final fight. Aswell as the Tall Man the boys have to contend with an army of hooded midgets and the Spheres AND some evil possessed dudes. Do Reggie and Mike make it away alive and ready for Phantasm III - Lord Of The Dead? Wait till next week...

Although, in my opinion, nowhere as near as good as Phanstam, the original, this is a good movie, and is hopefully a mere filler to link the storys of the first film and Lord Of The Dead. You know where you go when you die now don't you...? 8/10

The Week In Horror Movies

This week gone by, Channel 4 offered us Phantasm II and The Plague Of The Zombies.

| The Plague Of The Zombies |

The Plague Of The Zombies, Hammers Original Poster.

The Plague Of The Zombies (1966) is set in Cornwall, England. I know what your all thinking, not your average setting for a gross-out zombie flick, but strangely it worked. The movie opens with an eerie sequence involving voodoo drumming, and a man in a mask indulging in a ritual involving a voodoo-doll and some blood.
We later find out that this is how the zombies are created, by the victims blood being poured onto the doll, and some general voodoo chanting behaviour. The idea is that someone is creating/ressurecting the braindead flesheaters to run an old deserted tin mine. Now, what zombies are doing mining tin when they could be munching on someones kidney is beyond me, but i suppose this is a Hammer Production, and consequently rather 'old skool'.
As the strange goings on multiply and bodies are dissapearing from their graves, a Professor named Sir James Forbes (played by Hammer regular Andre Morell) arrives on the scene when he is informed of the occurances by a former student named Peter. After a lot of bogus medical chit-chat, they come to the conclusion that it is indeed the work of the 'living dead'. The ressurections are becoming more frequent and now Peter's wife has become a 'lap-dog of Satan'. Eventually our heroes work out who is behind all this...

The film itself has a rather clever plot, but all the same, very predictable. The set designs are very quaint, much as a Cornish town would be, but also extremely gothic, which adds to the overall creepy feeling of the film. This isn't your average zombie film and not at all what i was expecting with a title like 'Plague Of...', but all the same it was quite entertaining. One sequence in particular was amazing. the scene of Peter's dream of the dead rising from there graves. It even has the trademark hands popping through the soil and fingers peeping over the top on headstones. It brought to mind the rising scene from Dr Who & the Curse Of Fenric, for those who have seen it. Overall worth a go i suppose - 7/10.